Sideshow Collectibles: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angelus/Lium 12" Action Figure

The Origins Angel aka Liam/Angelus Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Over 30 points of articulation
  • Authentic Liam/Angelus portrait, complete with Darla's bite detail on his neck
  • 17th century-styled clothing, including a ruffled shirt, embroidered vest, slop pants, stockings and shoes
  • The Orb of Thesulah
  • Several small animal bone piles
  • Ceremonial skull with pillow
  • 12" Figure display stand featuring the Buffy the Vampire Slayer logo


Product Backstory

In 1753, there was a twenty-six year old lad from Galway, Ireland, known as Liam. Devastatingly handsome but with many a weakness, Liam spent the bulk of his time in the local pubs making a reputation for himself as a useless scoundrel and drunkard. After one-too-many mornings returning home hung-over, Liam's disgusted father confronted his son about his wayward life. Their angry confrontation ended with Liam walking out of his family's home for good, into a life without direction or promise. Yet Liam found his destiny in the visage of the beautiful vampire, Darla. In her human guise, dressed in the finery of a noblewoman, Darla immediately turned Liam's head. Amused with Liam's potential, Darla seductively invited the impetuous lad to experience her world of travel and excitement. Captivated by her beauty and promises, Liam readily accepted her offer and unknowingly sealed his fate and future when she sired him, unleashing the most evil of vampires upon the world, Angelus.

Angelus: You said I'd never amount to anything. Well, you were wrong. You see, father? I have made something out of myself, after all.

Once turned, Liam was forever lost, and become the demon known as Angelus. Ruthless, cruel and truly inspired by a boundless capacity for evil, Angelus' first act as a vampire was to viciously & gleefully murder his own family. For the next 145 years, Angelus roamed across Europe with Darla developing and honing his skills for inflicting pain and torture that eventually branded him the scourge of Europe and in the Master's own words, "the most vicious creature I've ever met." Angelus' terrifying reign was ended only when Darla brought him a Gypsy girl, the favorite daughter of the Romany clan, to feed upon. Her death unleashed a blinding fury from her clan and, seeking revenge, they cursed the vampire Angelus with his soul, reverting the monster to the tortured vampire Angel, who was left guilt-wracked by the constant painful memories of his wicked past.


Sideshow Collectibles: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angelus/Lium 12" Action Figure