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We have Moved!!!

After three years in Bonnie Doon Center we have made a move.  We are now located at 6017 86 Street NW.  We are right accross the street from the Davies Park n Ride and accross the field from J.P. Wagner school.

Labour Day 2016

All Star's store hours and Bonnie Doon Centre mall hour's will be Noon - 5:00 pm on Monday September 5, 2016

New things coming for the store

So just a little note that I'm really excited about.  Within the next couple weeks we will be bringing in a new gaming table for miniatures gaming.  I have always loved watching the gaming and building terrain so I'm really looking forward to this new feature to the store.

End of Year at the store

Well it is the last weekend of 2012 and it's been another decent year at the store.  Things could have been a whole lot better if it weren't for the NHL lockout.  Without any hockey, sales have been almost nil when it comes to hockey product.  With all that said though 2013 has the potential of being a promissing year for a number of reasons.  In things that will soon be revealed there are a whole lot of changes coming for the store and products.  Within the next few days things will start to progress and another stage in the history of the store will be tak